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Diana (Delna Mody) is a villainess who appears in the 2010 comedy film “Vroom”.

A gang boss asks two of his gang (Diana and Gigit) to steal a hi-tech chip from a scientist, Dr Ramanujam. He manages to escape from them and hides the chip inside a car at a parking lot. The chip causes the car to come to life (Herbie style).

The two gangsters locate the car and try to steal it, but are thwarted on each occasion. They finally manage to capture the car using a tow truck. They take it back to a garage lock up, where a number of mechanics set upon retrieving the chip. The car owner manages helps free the car and with its help they set upon comically taking down the henchmen, including Diana. She is knocked into a metal shelf, which falls onto her, knocking a pot of black paint all over. The car then chases her and she falls to the floor. As a final act of humiliation the car dumps motor oil over her, leaving her totally unrecognisable.


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In control...

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Overly confident...


Things not going to plan...


Realising what is coming her way....


Totally unrecognisable...

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