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Diana (Rosella Bergamonti) is a secondary antagonist in the 1967 Italian action film "The Three Fantastic Supermen", which was originally termed "I fantastici 3 Supermen".  It was the first of three Supermen films.

Diana is a henchwoman for Wilfred Gottlieb (Jochen Brockmann) in a counterfeiting crime ring.  Gottlieb had stolen a cloning machine known as the universal reproducer, and used it to flood the market on fake currency, gold, and precious jewels.  In fact, it was capable of cloning practically anything except a human being.  

Brad McCallum (Brad Harris), an FBI agent, recruited two of his friends, Tony (Tony Kendall), and Nick (Aldo Canti) to attempt to expose the ring.  The three used bullet-proof super-suits to give them super powers.

Diana is shown torturing one of the teachers for a children's school that is run by Gottlieb as a front to his underground base.  She stabs the teacher with a spike.

Diana works alongside Gottlieb's other henchwoman Madame Astrid Countess of Boideux (Sabine Sun).

Diana is used as the handler for the duplicate Evil Zizi Schwarz (Bettina Busch).  She watches as the Evil Zizi makes contact with Tony and the three Supermen and tells them that she will lead them out to safety.  However, Tony noticed that Zizi's beauty mark was on the wrong wrist.  Therefore, he tossed her onto an electric floor, and she began to be electrocuted.  After screaming for several seconds, her body disintegrated and was left with a pile of jewels.

After a fire fight between Diana her goons and the Supermen, she was knocked to the floor.  When she attempted to escape, Tony through her down upon the electric floor that had killed the Evil Zizi.  Diana was electrocuted to death, but because she was not a duplicate, her body did not disintegrate.


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