(Marina Daunia) is one of the main antagonists of the 1978 crime drama film "Jailbirds", aka. "Le evase - Storie di sesso e di violenze" and "Escape from Women's Prison".

She is one of four female terrorists who escape from prison, though unlike her three accomplices who ultimately show sympathetic or redeeming qualities, Diana remains pretty self-centered. The quartet murder a police officer during their escape, but Pierre, the getaway driver and brother of the leader of the girls, Monica Hadler (Lilli Carati), is mortally wounded in the process. They take him onto a bus filled with several young females headed to a tennis competition, and hijack it shortly thereafter. One of the hostage girls, at gunpoint, divulges that there is a solitary house owned by a judge nearby. The four fugitives and their prisoners take refuge there.

During this stay,the judge requests to use the bathroom, but Diana, pointing a rifle at him, demands that he urinate in his pants right before her. Later that night, she then attempts to rape one of the girls, one who had studied medical and mercifully attended to Pierre's wounds. However, when he interupts this moment, Diana attacks and kills him. As Monica's resolve as a leader weakens, Diana ursurps her, and then locks her in a room with the judge, gleefully suggesting that he rape her, which he does shortly after.


Spying on one of the hostages from afar as she bathes...

Eventually, the cops arrive at the house and a standstill ensues. Whie the two remaining criminals, Erica (Ada Pometti) and Betty (Artemia Terenziani) stand guard, Diana takes this opportunity to finish what she started with the girl from before. After exiting the bedroom, however, she is shocked to discover that Monica has escaped. She is fatally shot by the lapsed leader seconds after.


...and forcing herself onto another.


Forcing the judge to degrade himself...


...a humiliation that she takes great pleasure in witnessing.


Killing Monica's injured brother...


...before sending her off to the judge to be violated.


Attempt number two, after forcing the girl to become intoxicated.


Monica gets her revenge...

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