The Devil Stars are a henchwoman group employed by Galactor (evil antagonist). It is an all-women organization, and functions as the feminine counterpart of the Black Birds.

2018-07-13 (6)

They only appear in the 66 episode of Gatchaman G-Force, " When Fashion Was Fatal (#66 The Devil's Fashion Show)"

Appareance Edit

They all wear the same outfits:

  1. A brown jumpsuit who cover their entire body, with starts at their breast.
  2. Black gloves and black heels boots
  3. Fur Trim, recovering both side of their shoulders and all of the top above their breast, hands and knees
  4. Blue mask with their mouth exposed
  5. Blonde wig, none of the henchwoman are actually blonde (we can see this while they infiltrate as models and during the fight)

Role Edit

In the episode, the vilain Berge Katse is send into a fictional country of "Monalince Kingdom" to kill the princess, who financially supports our heroes. He plan to infiltrat, with the Devil Stars, a fashion show, to get closer to the princess and killing her.

They first fight our heroes the night, as they try to infiltrate the palace, are able to escape by using their weapon, rings bombs.

They successfully infiltrate the palace, and take the place of the models there. "What do you think? do this make me look fat?" henchwoman 1 "Oh no, you're perfect!" henchwoman 2 "I expect nothing less from Calindon" henchwoman 3

The fashion show start, and after a few models, the vilain show himself in front of the princess and the disguise henchwoman jump out of their dress to appear in their regular outfits. Sadly for them it's at the same time than our heroes appear, the fight start.

Fate Edit

In the first fight, our heroes say to them that they are actually pretty good fighter, this is not well shown for their last fight.

The most part are defeated in one blow, one is rollover by one of our hero, and they're all sent to the air by the combined attack of our heroes

Youtube link for the last fight: Edit

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