These are minor antagonists from the 1970's Sci-fi/ fantasy TV show, Space 1999,( episode Devil's Planet. Season 2, Episode 1, 1977.)

They are the penal colony guards from a female dominated planet which exiles it's male political dissidents to one of it's moon's on a penal colony.

They are attired in Spandex type tight-fitting uniforms and are armed with whips which can emit a fatal electrical charge.

In this episode Moonbase Alpha comes within the orbit of the Devil's planet and it's penal colony moon and Commander Koenig(Martin Landau-Mission Impossible) and a crewman in an Eagle spaceshuttle investigate and are captured by the women, the unfortunate crewman is vaporized by the forcefield perimeter fence when he tries to escape.

The camp commander(Hildergard Neill) takes a sexual interest in Koenig and decides to make him her plaything, Koenig bides his time and plays along but forments dissent among the male political dissident prisoners and eventually manages to escape the prison compound and back to his Eagle shuttle via various ruses.

He finds it guarded by a small squad of the whip cracking guards, but he manages to defeat them in combat, he finds his way back to the compound and exposes the camp commander for concealing the truth about their homeworld from where she has been channelling fabricated news stories from. Their home planet is now in fact a wasteland, decimated by deadly germ warfare.

At this revelation from Koenig both the male prisoners and the camp guards put aside their differences and turn on the camp commander whom they force into a teleportation booth to transport back to their home planet, where she swiftly dies.

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