Desiree Cartier (April Fool's Day)

The evil Desiree Cartier

April Fool's Day 2008 - Stalking Van

April Fool's Day 2008 - Stalking Van

Desiree Cartier (Taylor Cole) was the main villainess from the 2008 movie April Fool's Day. She was a spoiled rich girl and the sister of Blaine Cartier. She also was the rival of Milan Hastings and, during a party she held for her friend Torrance Caldwell, she and her friends pulled a prank of Milan, with Desiree drugging Milan's drink and having Blaine get intimate with Milan while the others recorded the tryst. But the prank went horribly wrong when Milan had a seizure as a result of the drug and fell to her death from a balcony. Desiree and her friends were tried but acquitted of Milan's death. To Desiree's delight, the incident has control of her and Blaine's joint inheritance shifted solely to her, as she had allowed Blaine to be accused of drugging Milan.

One year later, an anonymous person began to blackmail the gang with their past misdeed, whilst also killing them off one by one. Another message, along with footage of the death of their friend Charles, told the group that if the person who drugged Milan didn't confess, all of them would die. Desiree is terrorized by the ordeal, as she seemed to witness all of her friends get murdered in grisly ways by the blackmailer/killer. When she and Blaine returned home one night, they discovered their butler murdered and, after hiding about the house for a bit, both Blaine and Desiree were captured and tied to chairs by Torrance, Desiree's actress friend. When Desiree refused to admit to Torrance that she drugged Milan, she appeared to fatally shoot Blaine dead. The evil Desiree then tearfully confessed to her crime, and it is then revealed that Blaine was alive, along with everyone else who had supposedly died, and the whole ordeal was an elaborate ruse to force Desiree to confess. But when Torrance pointed her gun at Desiree and pulled the trigger to show her that the gun was full of blanks, a bullet fired from the gun and killed Desiree (with later implications showing that Blaine had intentionally put the bullet in the gun to kill Desiree so he could earn back their inheritance).

Trivia Edit

  • Taylor Cole went on to portray the villainous Regina Cane on Castle, as well as the evil Monica Gordon from the 2016 film Below The Surface.


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