Denise Shenfield

The evil Denise Shenfield

Denise Shenfield (Pamela Gray) is a villainess from "The Signs in the Silence," the antepenultimate episode of Bones' sixth season (airdate May 5, 2011). She is the wife of Mike Shenfield.

The Shenfields were introduced as the parents of a young teenager named Amy Shenfield, who was diagnosed with Waardenburg Syndrome. Amy was found covered in blood and wielding a knife, and she was suspected of killing a man named Duval Price. The couple revealed Amy's name when they were shown a photo of her by Seeley Booth, with Denise claming that Amy would often act out violently and run away from home.

However, Dr. Temperance Brennan's inspection of Amy's X-rays revealed that she was abused by Mike and Denise, and upon informing Amy, the young girl stated that no one would believe her. When the Shenfields were confronted with this, Denise stated that Amy was lying about being abused, a claim that further angered Brennan. In a surprising twist, Brennan performed a test that consisted of pinching both parents' nasal frames, and it led to the whole truth: the Shenfields were not Amy's parents, as they didn't have the same syndrome, which was hereditary.

As revealed during the episode's climax, Amy Shenfield's real name was Samantha Winslow, and when Samantha was three years of age, she was abducted by the villainous couple. They named her Amy and raised her for 12 years, but during that time, the evil Denise beat up Amy, as did Mike, in a twisted way of keeping her in line. When Amy ran away, Mike phoned Duval Price and ordered him to abduct Amy, who ended up killing Duval inside his home in self-defense, fearing that she was going to be beaten again. The couple entered Duval's home, only to leave when they saw him dead, as their evil secret would be revealed if they called the police.

Lance Sweets managed to get through to Denise with geniality, which resulted in the villainess admitting to the abuse and then being thrashed by Mike out of anger at his wife for talking. Booth attempts to get the couple to reveal who they took Samantha/Amy from fell on deaf ears, and it was assumed that Denise and Mike were arrested (off-screen) for abduction and child abuse.

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