Deirdre Jackson

Murderous boxer Deirdre Jackson

Deirdre Jackson (Alex Borstein) is the main villainess of "Baby, You Knock Me Out", episode 9.05 of Family Guy (airdate November 14, 2010). A notoriously ruthless boxer, Deirdre was known for killing three boxers in the ring and was considered so dangerous that she wasn't allowed to be a lesbian.

When amateur boxer and protagonist Lois Griffin prepared to retire from the sport and was having a statue dedicated to her in the town square, Deirdre walked out from the crowd and accused Lois of retiring out of fear of her. Lois initially refused Deirdre's desire to have a fight, but when Deirdre responded by sexually tormenting and humiliating Lois' husband Peter, Lois angrily agreed to the fight.

In an interview with Tom Tucker before the fight, the evil Deirdre declared that she would kill Lois during the 6th round of their match. Despite Peter's pleas to her, Lois didn't back out of the fight. For the first portion of the fight, Deirdre dominated the fight, mercilessly beating Lois. When Lois fell to the ground, Deirdre warned her that she would die if she didn't stay on the ground and lose the match. But instead, the invigorated Lois got up and started to fight back, eventually earning the upper hand. The fight ended when Lois knocked Deirdre out, winning the fight.

Trivia Edit

  • Deirdre Jackson was most likely conceived as a gender-bent version of villainous boxer Clubber Lang from Rocky 3.
  • Alex Borstein also appeared on Family Guy as villainess Pearl Burton, evil TSA screener Marla, and Lois Griffin's villainous Sherlock Holmes-themed character Constance.
  • In film, Alex Borstein appeared in 2010's Killers as the evil Lily Bailey.


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