Psychotic homecoming queen Debi

Debi (Julie Brown) was the villainess from Julie Brown's music video, The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun (released in 1983). Debi was the best friend of the music video's unnamed narrator (also played by Brown in a dual role), and the video had her recounting how Debi had won the title of homecoming queen.

After riding on the homecoming float and taking the stage at the school, however, Debi suddenly turned heel by pulling out a pistol and opening fire on the gym, killing several students and grinning at the mayhem she was creating. As everyone fled the school, Debi ran outside and continued her shooting spree, being cornered on the homecoming float when the police arrived.

Despite the police ordering her to surrender, the psychotic Debi continued firing her gun, killing the school's math teacher. At that, the police fired a warning shot at Debi, which shot her in the ear and sent her falling to the ground. As she laid dying, Debi's friend rushed to her side and begged to explain her actions, only for Debi to cryptically state that she "did it for Johnny" (the same name of whoever gave Debi the bouquet of flowers she was holding on the float). After her confession, Debi smiled as she passed away, leaving her friend to wonder who Johnny was.

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  • Julie Brown also voiced Saleen in the tv series Aladdin.


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Homecoming Queen's got a gun (Unedited!!!)

Homecoming Queen's got a gun (Unedited!!!)

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