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Debbie Dazzle (Georgina Reilly) is the antagonist in the 2011 episode "Guys and Dolls" for the TV series "My Babysitter's a Vampire".

We first see Debbie Dazzle as she is in doll form.  Her owner Jane Morgan tells Sarah that Debbie was her favorite, and now she is ruined, having a broken leg.  Later Jane witnesses Benny talking about fixing a video game system with a reprimation spell.  As a result, Jane steals Benny's spellbook and attempts to fix Debbie with the same spell.  Debbie is turned into a human instead.

Ethan, Benny and Sarah realize how dangerous Debbie is when Ethan has a vision, telling him that Debbie sucks life energy from humans in order to maintain her human form.  They lock Debbie in Ethan's room, but Debbie sucks the entire life energy out of Ethan's parents, turning them into dolls.  Then Rory gets a crush on her and sets her free, bringing her to Whitechapel High School.

The next day, she turns Principal Hicks into a doll.  Debbie has a catfight with Erica, and her face skin tears.  She turns Erica into a doll and goes to find Jane, believing Jane can fix her.  

Debbie Dazzle
At home, she gets into another catfight with Jane, who throws her down the stairs, resulting in her losing here head.  Debbie is able to attach her head back onto her body and turn Sarah into a doll too.  Ethan then dresses up as Debbie's male counterpart named Dazzle Dan, to distract her.  While Debbie begins to choke Dazzle Dan, Jane recites the reverse spell, finally turning Debbie back into a doll.  Debbie's victims revert back to their human form.  The show ends with Erica, Sarah, Ethan, Benny, and Jane having a "dance party" in Ethan's room as the Debbie Dazzle doll turns its head by itself to stare at them.

Trivia Edit

  • Georgina Reilly appeared as psychotic stalker Cindy in the 2011 episode "Crashing on the Couch" for the TV series Republic of Doyle.


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