De Balbo's receptionist is an unnamed blonde henchwoman.      
De Balbo's receptionist - main jpg

De Balbo's receptionist

Appears in -
The regular comic strip Sally O'Neil in National comics no 55 (Quality Comics 1946)

Story -

Sally O'Neil, a policewoman, gets onto the trail of a major crime boss who is behind a series of robberies which involve relatively small time crooks. It leads her to a jewellers, which turns out to be a front for the gang organizing the crimes. Sally disarms the jeweller, De Balbo, of a knife and forces him to take her to the back room of the store, where a very ugly man is working on stolen jewels. The man is called Tommor, and he is the leader of the gang. But De Balbo's receptionist, armed with a gun, comes through the door from behind the policewoman and Sally is made captive by the three criminals. The ruthless blonde wants to immediately shoot Sally, but Tommor replies that he wants some "fun" with her first and prepares to use acid on Sally's face to render her unrecognizable. Sally cleverly sows confusion among the crooks by stating that it was the blonde who was the one who sold out the organization. The gunwoman shouts that's a lie, but De Balbo agrees it might be possible. The blonde then furiously pistol whips him in the face and yells that if anyone sold them out it's De Balbo himself. This diversion is what Sally needs and she tackles Tommor, whose acid glass is knocked from his hand and into De Balbo's face.Panicking, Tommor yells at the blonde to shoot Sally, but the gunwoman misses and the bullet instead drills Tommor. Before she can get off a second shot, Sally grabs the blonde, disarms her, twists her hands behind her back, and marches her to a window. She then hurls the villainess  through the shattering window into the street. A policeman is outside and soon is aiding Sally in arresting the crooks.

Appearance - A slim good looking blonde, probably in her 20s, wearing a blue dress

Weapons - Handgun

Fate - Arrested. The blonde is injured by being flung through the window.

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