The psychotic Dawn

Dawn is the hidden villainess of the Moon Raven Tales story, "The Second Stall". She was the best friend of Michelle, a popular girl at her school and a notorious bully. Secretly, however, Dawn harbored a twisted obsession for Michelle, wishing to be as beautiful as she was. One day, before school, Dawn called Michelle on her cell phone (her voice now a harsh whisper), saying that she loved her and was her "obsesser" before Michelle hung up. On the bus ride to school, Dawn noticed Michelle's fearful behavior and told her she was "just feeling things" when Michelle told her she felt she was being watched.

At school, when Michelle went to the girl's bathroom during class, she heard someone's heavy breathing in one of the stalls. When no one responded to her demands to keep it down, Michelle flung open the door to find Dawn inside, holding a sewing needle. When Michelle asked her what she was doing, Dawn talked in the same whisper she used on the phone to say "I....need....your....face," revealing herself as Michelle's stalker. She then attacked Michelle and tore her friend's face off with her bare hands before sewing it onto her own. The psychotic Dawn then muttered, "!" before dragging Michelle's corpse into the bathroom stall and closing it behind her. She then left the bathroom, never to be seen again.




7.The Second Stall

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