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Dawn is a boss character in the 1988 role-playing video game Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World. She shares her sprite with common enemies Enchantress, Seductress, and Nasty Witch.



Dawn needs to be slain by a ninja player character in the "Assassinate Dawn" quest order to complete the game. She can be found (with two Enchantresses) in her throne room within Dawn's Mist Cavern / Mist Bog. (Actually just successfully hiding also counts for completing the quest.[1]) Dawn and the common enemies sharing her sprite are resistant to magic.


Ninjas must assassinate the evil Dawn. It is it one of the hardest juror quests.

Murray has his dark side as well. He broods over the activities of his former protege, Dawn, who now plays hostess to monsters. And he never forgives those who steal from him,

Upset that only humanoids could rest at Murray’s Resort Isle, Dawn, once his protege, built Dawn’ s Mist Cavern. In here, monsters can rest easy and enjoy themselves from the rigors of harassing humanity. Different theme rooms provide a variety of entertainment suit to fit the most discriminating of violent tastes. Dawn also has some precious artifacts stored here. Be sure not to disrupt the monsters at play. They do not appreciate interruptions while they are on vacation. Dawn has to be slain to end her rule of fear.



Dawn has the same sprite and animation

  • Strewn across an ornate throne upon an ivory pedestal rests Murray, once among mightiest of warriors and now most wealthy of all in Cron. This proud and powerful man has a troubled look on his brow. Help him (y/n)?
  • Murray’s evil adversary, Dawn, has corrupted his isle. Foul things happen at his resort instead of pleasurable. This condition must end. He dismisses you with a simple request - "Kill Dawn and return."
  • (Returning before killing Dawn) "KILL DAWN NOW!"
  • An evil veil hides mystic teleport to the horrid Dawn's Mist Bog. Enter (y/n)?
  • You feel much better after the successful assassination of that wicked woman, Dawn. Return to Mount Farview for your reward.
  • "My undying thanks! The wench from Hell is really dead? Wonderful! You must search for your reward. Goodbye!"

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