The evil Dark Queen

The Dark Queen is the main villain in the video game series Battletoads as well as the short lived comic and cartoon adaptions.

She appeared in the console games Battletoads (1991), Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (1993), Battletoads & Double Dragon (1993) and the arcade game Battletoads Arcade (1994). According to Wikipedia, she was one of the first major female villains in video games.

She is a mysterious master of evil magic and the supreme commander of a space army bent on galactic conquest. She receives considerable attention due to her sex appeal as well as for being one of the first major villains in video games.

Her dominatrix-style attire consists of a cape, skimpy black leotard and corset, opera gloves, and thigh high boots. She has jet black hair, and a voluptuous body.

In the TV series, she is after Princess Angelica for possession of the magic amulet she wears. She is voived by Kathleen Barr in the TV series.

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