Dark Mistress 2 - Miraculum
Dark Mistress (ダークミストレス) is a secondary antagonist in the 1996 NEC PC-FX fantasy RPG "Miraculum: The Last Revelation" (ミラークルム ザ・ラストレベレーション) by developer Ray Force.

Midway through the game, the hero party ventures to the world of fairies in order to obtain the "Sylph's Holy Stone" from Ceres, the queen of the fairies. While in the fairy village, some of the townspeople say that not all fairies are good and that one in particular, the Dark Mistress, has seemed to be plotting something recently.

The party heads to Ceres Tower, only to find the Dark Mistress at the top. She has imprisoned Ceres and declares that she will be the "New Queen of Fairy World". She is battled and subsequently killed by the hero party.

Dark Mistress 1 - Miraculum
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