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Daphne (Dina Sherman) is the hidden antagonist in the 1991 episode "Double Jeopardy" for the TV series "They Came from Outer Space".

In need of money Bo (Dean Cameron) convinces Abe (Stuart Fratkin) to become private investigators. They soon open up the Snoop Brother Detective Agency.

Bo, a huge fan of hard boiled film noir (hollywood crime dramas), was hoping to solve cases and meet beautiful heiresses. They become involved in helping solve a jewelry heist at a rich couple's home. The couple, Donald Dorrick (Matthew Faison) and Doreen Dorrick (Christine Cattell) are the ones that hire them as they are holding a lavish cocktail party. During the party, a thief breaks into the mansion's wall safe and Jarvis (Ace Mask) the butler is found murdered. Bo and Abe are ready to make an arrest of their prime suspect when that person also turns up murdered as well. As a result, Bo and Abe are framed for the murder.

Their problem is did the beautiful woman set them up to be her patsy's? Only if they solve the case can they clear their good name.

Daphne is the sexy French Maid of the Dorrick's mansion. When Bo and Abe arrive to begin their investigation, Bo has an immediate attraction to her, which she brushes off... until he whispers of some rather peculiar acts he and Daphne can do in bed together, which immediately excites her. She later makes her way to Bo in the bedroom upstairs, where he is supposed to be guarding the Jewels, and they begin a passionate make out session. As robbery and murder take place, Daphne continually brings Bo's attention back to her. Later, Daphne is revealed to have been distracting Bo to help the Dorricks steal their own Jewels for insurance. She is captured by undercover investigator Connie, who forces Daphne to reveal her part in the plot, before marching the French Maid out during a confrontation with the Dorricks. She had been having an affair with Donald, who promptly shoots the young French Maid to cover up his involvement. The Dorricks and everyone involved in the plot end up shot (in a comical fashion) by fellow conspirators, until finally Doreen herself is killed by Connie. Daphne's body is last seen lying in the pile of corpses.

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