Daniella Yates

Opportunistic villainess Daniella Yates

Daniella Yates (Emily Joyce) is a villainess from "Wild Justice", episode 10.10 of New Tricks (airdate October 1, 2013). She was the CEO of the Virchow Foundation, having previously been the MD of a charity for famine relief.

Daniella was interviewed during the re-examination of the murder case of oncologist Alistair Caldwell, who was believed to have been murdered by corrupt businessman Edward Monroe in revenge for his daughter's death. Daniella worked closely with Monroe for the Virchow Foundation, as the charity catered to those afflicted by cancer as Monroe's daughter had. The re-investigation into Caldwell's murder also revealed that Daniella was (presumably) aware of Monroe's corrupt deeds, but still accepted the ill-gotten money he donated to her charity.

The investigation took a turn when Daniella went to the UCOS station and claimed she had witnessed Monroe kill Caldwell, though her statement would ultimately led to Daniella's reveal as a greedy and opportunistic conspirator. The investigation would ultimately reveal Caldwell's killer was Grace Kennedy, an employee of the Mayfair hotel owned by Monroe and one of several patients Caldwell had molested as a child. Monroe was implicated by Grace's blood being left on Caldwell's body, as it was mistaken for Monroe's due to him having donated bone marrow to Grace when she suffered from leukemia in her youth.

Viewing Grace as a surrogate daughter, Monroe enlisted Daniella in his plan to take the fall for Caldwell's murder and protect Grace, first by having her make the false witness statement and later destroying his donor files to prevent the blood evidence from being traced back to Grace. UCOS' investigation, however, ultimately revealed the connection between Monroe and Grace, with Sasha Miller confronting Daniella after learning about how she destroyed Monroe's donor files. In addition to revealing that she gave Monroe the identity of the person his bone marrow was donated to under his threat of withdrawing his funding, Daniella confessed to her role in Monroe's cover-up, justifying her actions by reminding Sasha that Monroe's money saved many lives.

Sasha deduced that Daniella kept a copy of the files for insurance purposes and, after Daniella fiercely denied killing Caldwell, revealed that she would not stop until she found them. As she left, the evil Daniella shouted after her that no one (Sasha included) would win if the truth were revealed. After Grace confessed to Sasha that she killed Caldwell and Sasha refused Monroe's offer to let her go free in exchange for his confession to the murder of her former partner DC Josh Tyler, Daniella was shown being led out of her foundation building in handcuffs, blasting the crowd of onlookers and a man who was filming her arrest.

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