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Dada is the main antagonist of the of the seventh issue of the 1985 Italian comic "Macho" entitled "Chiappe di Livido Blu". She was created by Bruno Marraffa.

Dada is the leader of a trio of hooligans in Amsterdam. One day, while trying to nap in the back seat of her car, her two cohorts Murd and Spano decide to pick a fight with Macho, who they happen to spot while driving. Recognizing that the fight is unfairly two against one, a passerby named Lana Boston decides to intervene, using her accompanying bulldog to threaten the two men into leaving the hero alone. Angered that her sleep was disturbed, Dada shoots the dog then and then has Murd and Spano rape Lana, while she does the same to Macho, who is gay. Tensions escalate, and one of the hooligans ends up killing Lana in a heated rage. The trio are forced to flee the scene, but not before threatening Macho that he is a dead man if he says one word about what happened.

Telling the brothers to take a hike...

A suspect in Lana's murder, Macho decides to hide out from the police at his transsexual friend Maya's place. Dada, unable to keep her mind off of Macho's manhood, however, tracks him there. She tells him that she plans to have intercourse with him, and when she's finished, she will cut off his member and keep it as a trophy. Murd and Spano handcuff Maya and Macho to a radiator and then leave, at Dada's request. Shortly after, however, another friend of the hero's, Hula Hoop, shows up and helps to overthrow the villainess. When Murd and Spano finally return, they find Dada gagged and tied to a chair. What they do not realize, however, is that the ropes were booby trapped by Hula Hoop, and when the men remove them, it triggers a nearby gas tank to inflate its contents inside of the woman. Dada is then killed in a fatal explosion.

After shooting Lana's dog...

Fleeing the scene of the murder...

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"No, you idiot! The Vaaaallve!!!"

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