Sheva 1 Mystic Heroes
Da Ji (妲己)
 is a secondary antagonist in the 2002 Nintendo Gamecube action game "Mystic Heroes", aka. "Battle Houshin" (バトル封神) by developer Koei. She was renamed to "Sheva" in the English localization.

From the in-game profile:Edit

"A powerful mystic in her own right, Sheva is an evil woman with evil aspirations. Nothing pleases her more to see people in pain and suffering. Sheva has always been able to enchant men with her beauty, and thus she controls them and bends them to her will.

Drawn to the ambition and hatred within Kang, she married him to create a duo to be reckoned with.

Losing the battle with Tai, she was banished along with her husband and his generals to the tower on Mt Houshin."

Sheva is the boss of stage 4-3 in the game. In battle, she creates many false dopplegangers of herself to confuse the player.

Sheva 2 Mystic Heroes

Profile screen

Sheva 3 Mystic Heroes

With Kang, her lover...

Sheva 5 Mystic Heroes

Summoning her and Kang's son...

Sheva 4 Mystic Heroes

Sheva 6 Mystic Heroes
Sheva 7 Mystic Heroes

Creating her many clones in battle...

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