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Cynthia Mondall is a recurring character in Season 2 of the Nickelodeon sitcom I Am Frankie. She served as the hidden main antagonist in the second half of Season 2.


When Cynthia first met the Gaines family, she was shown to be caring and protective for Frankie and her family. However, when Frankie stole the encrypted master plan file of WARPA, Cynthia let her android son Beto chew and destroy the drive containing it.

When Dayton and Frankie finally encrypt the file with the help of Rachel, Cynthia was shown in the video which raised suspicion with Frankie and Dayton.

In order to verify her alignment with WARPA, Dayton and Frankie let Rachel check some articles regarding Cynthia while in a disguise that she was creating a backstory for the "characters" of Frankie and Dayton's "game". Rachel later concluded that Cynthia was a WARPA agent.

Dayton and Frankie revealed to Will and Jenny that they have reason to believe that Cynthia was a WARPA agent. However, when Cynthia overheard them, she revealed that she was the head of WARPA.

Her true colors showed up after she herself revealed she was the head of WARPA, as shown when she threatened the life of Sigourney by sending her into deep space if Frankie doesn't cooperate with their plans for world domination. She also threatened Cole by making her develop him into an Human-Robotic Organism (HRO) and that she must be the one to surgically implant robotic parts or she would never see her mom or Cole ever again.

However, with Jenny, Rachel, Dayton, Will, and James Peters controlling Beto with him being at WARPA, they destroyed the server WARPA was using to control the International Space Station (ISS) and when Cynthia threatened Simone, Andrew, Cole, and Frankie that if they don't continue cooperating, she'd send Sigourney into deep space. However, with Cynthia's own "deep sleep" helmet, Kingston activated it and left her sleeping on the ground.

She was then arrested with all her workers by the FBI on charges of kidnapping, false imprisonment, misappropriation of government funds, attempted overruling and taking over a space station.