The Cyborg Slavers are the main antagonists of "And Then There Were Four...", the 45th and 46th episodes of the 1998 erotic Shockwave Flash web series "Fuck Force 5".

The unnamed cyborgs rule over an area in the desert where they enslave humans and force them to gamble inside of a pyramid. One of them captures FF5 by encasing them inside of a gooey blue substance and throws them into the prison. In order to escape, the heroines call out - pretending to have won a jackpot - to get the guard's attention. Sally then uses a flying kick to decapitate the guard and then the quintet moves to free all of the prisoners. Once safely outside, FF5 blows up the pyramid. One of the cyborgs (named M.E.L.) survives, prompting excitement in Sally as the team now has a "robot slave".

Cyborg Slavers 1 - FF5.png
Cyborg Slavers 9 - FF5.png
Cyborg Slavers 10 - FF5.png

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