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Cristina Vee as a psychotic villainess

Cristina Vee is an American voice actress best known for doing the voice of Marinette in the English dub of the French-Japanese-Korean-Italian cartoon Miraculous Ladybug. She appears as a crazy kidnapper (possibly a prostitute, due to the pink neon lights on her wall being of naked women's bodies) in her cover of Spinel's song Other Friends from Steven Universe: The Movie. She is holding two men hostage in her room for an unknown reason, with several scenes showing her in a black outfit with rope on her neck and her in a military uniform. All scenes with the men have her wearing casual clothing. The video ends on a cliffhanger and we don't know what happened to Cristina or her hostages.


Steven Universe "Other Friends" COVER by Cristina Vee

Steven Universe "Other Friends" COVER by Cristina Vee

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