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Creedence (Deborah Reed) is the main villainess in the 1990 comedy horror film "Troll 2".  

Her full name was Creedence Lenonore Gielgud, and she was also known as "The Goblin Queen".  She was the ruler of a wicked race of goblins, which were human and vegetable eaters.  They want to feed humans magic green slime that kills them and turns their dead bodies into their favorite food, human vegetable slime.

She and the other goblins live in the goblin kingdom of Nilbog, where they trick humans into thinking that it is a town that they can stop and visit so they can eat them.  All the goblins disguise themselves to look and talk like humans, with Creedence herself taking the form of a creepy old lady.

When the humans arrive Creedence and her minions pretend to befriend them, with Creedence getting them to believe she is Nilbog's head witch doctor and a nice albeit eccentric old lady.

When Joshua discovers the truth about Nilbog and how the inhapitants are not human, she tries to kill him.  Joshua escapes and warns his family, but she is able to kill two of his sister's boyfriends.  Creedence transforms into a sexy beautiful young seductress with large cleavage and a low cut skirt, revealing black panties.  She attempts to trick Joshua into letting her in so she can kill him.  She casts a spell on him and leaves him to drown to death in popcorn while she and the other goblins go kill the five remaining humans.

Joshua discovers the only two weaknesses of the goblins, that they can not hurt someone for a short while after they have eaten meat, and if their magic stone is touched by a human they will all die.  Creedence dies when Joshua combines these two advantages to become immune to her magic so he can easily touch the stone and destroy all the goblins.  Creedence was killed just in time, as the third friend was just seconds away from death, when she died the popcorn disappeared.

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