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Teenage sociopath Courtney Lane

Courtney Lane (Lili Reinhart) is the hidden main villainess of "Lost Traveler", episode 13.09 of Law & Order: SVU (airdate November 30, 2011). She was a 14-year-old Caswell Academy student and the former best friend of Emma Butler. They were also classmates and neighbors with Nico Gray, a Romani boy who was the target of bullying.

The two initially acted as supportive friends to Nico, but one day, Courtney and Emma took Nico to an abandoned construction site. There, the evil Courtney showed her true colors by torturing Nico, burning him with a lit cigarette and tormenting him until he wet his pants. To stop Nico from telling his mother, Courtney strangled the boy to death with his scarf. Courtney then went about framing neighborhood pariah Marc Rajik by sneaking into his bedroom afterwards, planting Nico's lucky rabbit's foot under his bed and giving him a handjob in exchange for not telling.

When the SVU detectives began investigating Nico's disappearance, Courtney had the remorseful Emma go along with framing Marc as Nico's abductor and killer, while also acting sympathetic towards Nico's parents. Courtney also revealed the details of Nico's torture to his mother Nadia, driving her to attempt to set Marc on fire. Courtney was revealed as a villainess when the SVU detectives realized that they were the only people who could give Nadia the details of Nico's murder. The detectives brought both Courtney and Emma in for questioning, with Amaro grilling Emma until she broke down and confessed to what Courtney had done. When Courtney saw Amaro arresting Emma, she called her a "stupid little bitch" and confessed to what she did to Nico and Marc, showing a complete lack of remorse for her actions and referring to Nico as "just a dumb gypsy". When Olivia Benson asked Courtney why she attacked and killed Nico, the sociopathic teen replied with a simple "Why not?" Courtney was most likely arrested offscreen along with Emma.