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Courtly Jester (Paula Rhodes) is the main villain of Ever After High: Way Too Wonderland.

Courtly is the type to have an aggressive and assertive, power-hungry exterior and an insecure interior, often referring to herself as “lowly Courtly Jester”. Her Joker heritage also makes her mischievous and a liar. She has no trouble twisting others’ words and she is the head of a conspiracy against the Queen of Hearts, planning to overthrow her. As principal and vice-principal of Wonderland High and chief of prosecution at the school court, she has huge power over a significant part of Wonderland, as even the royal herald goes by her rules. Courtly spots Lizzie Hearts and her friends enter her school. At lunchtime, she goes to meet the girls and distinctly believes that they're having it too easy. Therefore, she meets up with a jittery White Rabbit to change up their schedule in order to ensure that they never graduate. Courtly later finds the girls in her office and plans to take over Lizzie's destiny by making her "voluntarily" sign a contract. After Raven persuades Lizzie not to, Courtly sentences them to eternal detention, but before she's able to do she has to follow her own rules and make them have a trial. Courtly enters the trial room and charges them unruly if proved innocent, having them graduate and have detention if proved guilty. She twists the punishments in order for things to go her way. Once the girls are charged guilty, she heads back to her office where she calls the Red Knight. While she gets ready, Courtly suddenly remembers that she can't compete with the Cheshire Cat because of her disappearing powers. The Evil Queen aids Courtly in her plot by handing her a spell book. Courtly uses its magic to enter the Queen of Hearts's birthday bash and try to steal the Storybook of Legends in the presents room. However, since Raven acquires of the Storybook of Legends and signs it to vanquish Courtly, her plan hinders and Courtly is stripped of her evil powers. After all the commotion is over, Courtly escapes the scene.

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