Countess Wandessa (Patty Shepard) is the main villainess in the 1971 Spanish Horror film, "Werewolf vs the Vampire Woman".

The film shows two women achaeologists, Elvira (Gaby Fuchs) and Genevieve Bennett (Barbara Capell), who are interested in finding the grave of a famously evil vampire, Countess Wandessa.  Wandessa was a medieval murderess and possible vampire.  She was buried in a forest near Waldemar's Castle.  They are joined by Waldemar Daninsky (Paul Naschy), a Count, who wants to get into the grave to find a holy relic, the Silver Cross and/or Silver Dagger.  Waldemar we find, is a werewolf who can't control his transformations.

In the process of digging up the grave, one of the girls is injured, and a tiny bit of her blood drops onto Wandessa's rotten corpse.

Genevieve gets turned into a vampire by Wandessa, and Elvira falls in love with Waldemar.

Wandessa and Waldemar eventually have a fantastic fight that takes place in an amphitheater.  Waldemar sticks a cross into the one exit so that the vampire can't run away from the fight.  When Wandessa finally dies, her clothes settle to the ground in a heap with her rotting corpse inside them, and maggots crawl all over her.



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