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Countess Devore is a secondary character in the 1987 Italian erotic comic story "Padrone del Sesso", part of the episodic series "Il Marchese" and first published in "Dottoressa #3". She was created by artist Giovanni Romanini.

The Countess is absolutely crazy over the main protagonist, Belisarius "Bel" Gold and will do anything for him if it means him servicing her masochistic sexual desires. In the case of this episode, she kidnaps a sixteen year old girl from the countryside for Bel to rape and kill, and the only sadness she holds after he is done so is that he is too busy to oblige her, forcing her to wait until the next opportunity.

Countess Devore makes another appearance in the third episode, "La Vergine Spezzata" though she does not commit any villainous acts and is instead simply shown having sex with Bel.

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