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Cosette (Elisa Ingram) is the psychotic ballerina in the 1965 episode, "The Bow-Wow Affair" for the TV series "The Wild Wild West".

Cosette appears at the end of act 2 in the episode, where she  appears to Jim West (Robert Conrad) outside the gate of the circus.  She tells him that Corinne wants to see him.  She then unlocks the gate, and tells him to follow him.  

Cosette is wearing a ballerina outfit with tutu and carrying a parasole as she prances around.  West follows her through the jungle and around a small lagoon.

Cosette then heads up a wooden plank that goes around the edge of the lagoon.  West attempts to folloiw her, but then the plank gives way and he ends up falling into the water.  A crocodile slithers into the water from the bank, and heads toward West.  Cosette merrily chuckles with delight that her trap has worked.  Jim struggles with the crock and eventually wins the fight by using his knife to kill it.  Cosette looks disappointed when se discoveres that West is going to win, and walks away from the bank.  We next see Janet Coburn (Antoinette Bower) greet West on the bank, and tells him to be more careful when wandering around the circus.

It is more than likely that Cosette was working for Warren Trevor (Robert Loggia).  We don't see Cosette anymore.

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