Cortarra is an evil sorceress in the 1992 D&D role-playing video game Treasures of the Savage Frontier.

Official guideEdit

"The evil enchantress, Cortarra, resides in this chamber. When the party enters she attempts to deceive them by taking the shape of her prisoner, Siulajia. Confronted with the image of identical twins, the party must solve the puzzle to separate friend from enemy. Cast a detect magic, detect evil, or dispel magic spell, and the caster will see through Cortarra's disguise. She will become angry and attack - along with her cockatrice pets and several of Geildarr's Men."

In-game narrationEdit

"Two exceedingly beautiful women stood before them, in heated conversation. They seemed to be arguing about a man's affections. One's countenance was fair and her hair was the color of golden wheat. The other's locks were like that of a raven's feathers. Although equally beautiful, she wore a scowl of deep-seeded anger and hatred. As the Heroes entered, a spell was on her lips, and in a blink, there now stood two golden haired beauties of fair countenance. The argument turned physical as one of the women pounced on the other, both yelling "I'm the real Siulajia!" as they wrestled on the stone floor."

Siulajia's storyEdit

"I am called Siulajia, and I was raised in the High Forest. My father, Lezoul of the Great Oaks, protects groups of pilgrims who travel up the Unicorn Run into the forest to pay homage to the Goddess Mielikki. One day, not long ago, I was hunting near the edge of the woods. I saw something moving in the trees, and soon a tattered, ragtag party of orcs, men, and ettins came beating through the underbrush. They were stragglers from the battle at Ascore. I turned to slip away - and ran into the arms of a hill giant coming the other way. He called to the others, and one, a man in a black cape, said they should bring me along as a gift for Lord Geildarr. I feigned interest in meeting him so they might let down their guard and allow me to escape. But my plan went wrong. When we arrived and Cortarra heard that I wanted to meet Lord Geildarr, she became jealous and had me placed in chains. Instead of making them let down their guard, my ruse had turned a powerful sorceress into an enemy! Why she didn't kill me on the spot I'll never know - she seemed fascinated with the work of my father. In any case, I am grateful to you all for rescuing me from the trap of my own making."

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