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Cornelia (Rosalba Neri, a.k.a. Sara Bay) was the villainess in the 1974 film, THE ARENA a.k.a NAKED WARRIORS.

A brutal woman, she was the procurer/overseer of the girls who were being trained to fight gladiator battles in the arena.

In the end she is stabbed in the back with a trident by Mamawi (Pam Grier), one of her trained gladiators.


  • Rosalba Neri appeared as Nais in the 1964 Peplum sword and sandal film, "The Lion of Thebes".
  • Rosalba Neri appeared as henchwoman Pauline in the 1966 Italian-German Eurospy film, "The Spy With Ten Faces".
  • Rosalba Neri appeared as Samantha Felton in the 1966 film, "Johnny Yuma".
  • Rosalba Neri appeared as Yaka in the 1967 Eurospy film "Lucky, the Inscrutable", which was originally entitled, "Lucky, el intrepido".
  • Rosalba Neri appeared as Paola in the 1969 film, "The Seducers" which is also known as "Top Sensation".
  • Rosalba Neri appeared as Tania Frankenstein in the 1971 Italian horror film, "Lady Frankenstein".
  • Rosalba Neri appeared as the villainess Countess Dolingen de Vries in the 1973 Italian horror film, "The Devil's Wedding Night".
  • Cornelia's brutal demise clip:


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