Corinna is a villainous German noblewoman who tries to get access to the riches her deceased father has bequeathed to the family’s dog called “Sergeant Pepper”. She is portrayed by the well-known German actress, Barbara Auer.

Plot Edit


Corinna von Gordenthal

Felix, a young boy, becomes the dog’s best friend and is even capable to understand what he “says”. Together with his sister Felicia, he tries to protect Sergeant Pepper from the greedy and ruthless Corinna. The aristocrat succeeds, however, to abduct the poor (but extremely rich) dog and even tries to kill him. Sergeant Pepper is shot and seriously wounded, but survives this assassination attempt. Corinna claims she shot the dog in self-defense (which is a lie, of course), but when the police arrive, she is taken into custody.

Fate Edit

Corinna von Gordenthal is arrested, taken away like a very dangerous criminal (tightly handcuffed behind her back) and placed into a police car. Although captured and potentially humiliated, she still insists on being addressed correctly as a noblewoman, pointing out that her name is “von Gordenthal”, not just “Frau Gordenthal”, a detail underlining once again her arrogant and narcissistic character. Before being escorted to jail, Corinna von Gordenthal even threatens one of her former henchmen, but he just mocks her since her vengeance would have to wait, he says, until she gets her hands free again.
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