Constance Hatchaway is a character in the Haunted Mansion, a ride at the two American Disney parks in Florida and California, and a spinoff comic series. When alive, she was a seductive woman who seemed to be a kind and caring person, but was actually a murderer who married five times and showed no mercy killing every single husband for their money. She killed them by cutting their heads off with an axe.


  • Before Constance was in the ride, Disney World and Disneyland had other brides who had no backstory named Ruby Payhearte (Disney World, Florida) and Helena Sullivan (Disneyland, California).
  • There were also two brides with no backstory called Morgan and Kaite.
  • The version in the Tokyo park has no backstory and, rather than being American, is instead Japanese.
  • She was based on two other evil, murderous brides: Helene from Belgium and Gladys from Spain, who were scrapped for the final project, probably for being too intense.


The other brides talked about in the trivia.

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