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Conrade (Riki Lindhome) is one of the secondary antagonists In the 2012 film ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. She is the attractive blonde lover of the main villain Don John. This version of Shakespeare’s famous play is set in modern times, and in the original play Conrade was a Male part with no relationship with Don John.

Conrade is first seen wearing a miniskirt being held captive along with Don John, the Bastard brother of the prince, although the prince welcomes them with open arms and they instead become his guests. Them being held captive hints to a form of treason that they have commited.

Next, Conrade is seen having sex with her lover while they are discussing their evil plans. However, fellow conspirator Borachio bursts in on them, disrupting their alone time. Don John gives him his orders and they continue.

At the masquerade ball Conrade is seen dancing with Don John. Later once the party has stopped and a drunken Claudio is in the pool Don John, along with Conrade and Borachio, glide out of the water and attempt to sow seeds of dissent, telling Claudio that his wingman of sorts, the prince has stolen away Hero, the lovely object of his affections. They then swim away, although their plot is foiled.

Later, Conrade meets with Borachio, who has seduced Hero’s maid Margaret and unbeknownst to her tricked Claudio into thinking Margaret was Hero (despite the varying hair colours). Conrade is wearing a leather jacket and a miniskirt (she is the only person in the movie to be seen wearing one!). However, Sgt Dogberry’s incompetent policemen somehow manage to catch them in the act of their treason! Conrade and Borachio are taken away to be questioned.

In the interrogation room they are questioned trivially by Sgt Dogberry, who is even more incompetent than his police officers. When they are ordered to get up, Conrade pushes away the police officer holding her and briefly attacks Dogberry, calling him an ass. She is then led away to speak to the Prince.

In front of the Prince, a seemingly remorseful Borachio confesses all to him, while Conrade looks irritated. They then realise that ron John had betrayed them and fled, leaving them imprisoned. The Prince leads them away to their punishment, while Dogberry attempts to make sure that him being called an ass will be an important factor in her punishmen. Don John is later captured and the hero’s end up happy.

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