Connie Manning

The evil Connie Manning

Connie Manning (Ashley Jones) is the secondary villainess from the 2019 Lifetime film, Homekilling Queen (airdate May 11, 2019). She is the daughter of Evelyn Whitland and the mother of Whitney Manning (the film's main villainess).

Connie's backstory only revealed that she excelled in the world of pageantry, though it was mainly due to being under Evelyn's control. Connie had since adopted Evelyn's controlling and manipulative habits and used them on Whitney, as she entered Whitney in pageants as a child before driving her to run for homecoming queen. As the beginning of the film revealed, Connie had been sending expensive gifts to members of the high school's faculty.

Among the many who received gifts was Principal Wainsley, who was having an affair with Connie in the film's events. The villainess manipulated Wainsley into helping cover for Whitney when she was suspected as the person who catfished Natasha Hart by posting a fake nude photo of her, and after Whitney's role was revealed, Connie lured Wainsley away from his wife and into a hotel room, where the illicit couple engaged in a sexual tryst. However, the evil Connie recorded their affair, and on the next morning, she blackmailed Wainsley into dropping the investigation (which he does), threatening to send the video to his wife if he didn't comply.

Connie was also estranged from husband Rob Manning, who she often accused of having an affair with Sarah Hart (Natasha's mother). After Natasha was set up as a drug user by Whitney, she and Sarah confronted the Mannings, with both Connie and Evelyn covering for Whitney even after knowing the truth. Connie was shown in the film's climax berating Natasha after she successfully revealed that Whitney killed Jason Montrose, after which she screamed for Rob to help her and Whitney after the latter was arrested. As Rob revealed in the film's epilogue, Connie bailed Whitney out of jail, but her fate beyond that was unknown.

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