Connie Hammond

The evil Connie Hammond

Connie Hammond (Gracie Harrison) is the main villainess from "The Annihilator," episode 2.03 of Matlock (airdate October 13, 1987). She is the business manager for professional wrestler Jack "Sailor Jack" Saunders, who defeated Vic "The Annihilator" Garrett in the beginning of the episode.

It was revealed by Tommy O'Keefe that Connie was looking to invest $50,000 in another wrestler, as she was kicked out and paid off by Sailor Jack. After Jack's victorious outing, he and Connie went to the former's apartment where they took a sauna, and following this, they engaged in an argument — assumingly over Connie's actions. During the argument, Connie smashed a wine bottle on Jack's head, killing him instantly. After the murder, the evil Connie staged the scene to appear that a brawl took place, as she planned to frame Vic Garrett (who was shown angrily confronting Jack) for the murder.

Red wine ended up splashed on Connie's expensive dress during the murder, and she attempted to get the stain cleaned out. However, the cleaners were unable to remove the stain because the wine had set, and during trial, Matlock presented that dress to Connie as evidence. After she was successfully revealed as the killer, Connie was arrested (off-screen).

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