Appears in -

Hawaiian Eye (USA 1959 - 62)

Connie Cummins (Christine White)

Episode: Season 1:10 - Secret of the second door 
(First broadcast in the USA on the 9th of December 1959)

Played by - Christine White (1926 - 2013)

Story - 

In a cheap Honolulu hotel a gang of jewel thieves and their fence play cards. During the game, Cummins, a hotel night clerk, steals the $200,000 payoff kept in a bag in an adjoining room. However, after hiding the money, Cummings is killed in a car crash.

Connie Cummins, the dead man's mercenary widow, hires Tom Lopaka (Robert Conrad) of the Hawaiian Eye detective agency to find the money, claiming Cummins had won it in a card game.

The thieves wrongly blame the fence for taking the money. One of the thugs beats him up so seriously he dies.

Tom Lopaka's investigations reveal that the $200,000 was not, as Connie asserted, won in a card game, but stolen from the criminals. The thieves are watching Lopaka and also hold Connie Cummins captive at the hotel. Two of the thugs confront Lopaka in the bar/rooming house where the detective has eventually located the money bag. But Lopaka defeats the hoods in a fight. 

Lopaka then goes to the hotel, breaking in on the gang boss, Sortino, who is with Connie Cummins. Taken off his guard, Sortino is now a prisoner. Tom gives his  revolver to Connie to cover the gangster. But Connie has made a deal with Sortino for some of the missing $200,000. Now free, and with the gun in her hand, Connie tells him (and Lopaka) she's going to take it all. When Sortino angrily tells her nobody double crosses him, she guns him down.  As she threatens Lopaka with the gun, the detective manages to get the weapon from Connie and she is arrested.

Appearance - Attractive, slim blonde aged about 30

Weapons - Handgun

Fate - Arrested

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