Connie Baker

The evil Connie Baker

Connie Baker (Aimee Mullins) is the villainess of "The Mystery of the Exsanguinated Ex", episode 1.16 of The Mysteries of Laura (airdate February 25, 2015). She was the sister of Emma Miller, who filed for divorce from her husband Dr. Andrew Devlin some years prior to the episode's events. The sisters subsequently spent New Year's weekend together in Las Vegas, where Connie lived, during which time Emma drunkenly married a bartender, with Connie serving as the witness.

Despite Emma annulling the marriage the next day, her brief marriage would have resulted in the hefty alimony payment plan she had Andrew agree to become void. Aware of this, the greedy Connie began blackmailing her sister, forcing her to pay her $10,000 on a weekly basis not to tell Andrew. When Emma eventually ran out of money, Connie killed her by breaking into her home and stabbing her to death, thinking she would inherit her estate afterwards, unaware that Emma had her will state that her estate would be donated to a charity she supported.

To cover her secret, Connie flew back to Vegas and returned after Emma's body was found, claiming to Captain Jake Broderick and Frankie Pulaski that Emma was afraid of Andrew and that she believed he would be willing to kill her to stop having to pay her alimony. She additionally planted the knife she used to kill Emma on Andrew's yacht, effectively framing him for his ex-wife's murder. But Laura Diamond deduced that Emma had married again when she made a comment of how the thunderstorm on his wedding day should've been a sign of things to come, only for Andrew to reply that his and Emma's wedding had been in South Beach on a sunny day.

She soon after realized that Connie had been Emma's blackmailer and confronted her at Emma's house as her charity came to take away her possessions, much to Connie's shock. Laura went on to reveal how she had uncovered Emma's secret marriage in Vegas and Connie's murder of her sister, revealing how a fisherman had witnessed Connie at the docks when she was planting the knife on Andrew's boat and how her claim to have watched Iron Man 3 while flying to New York contradicted the airline only airing the film on westbound flights, meaning that she had watched the movie while flying home after killing her sister. Connie was subsequently placed under arrest by Laura (offscreen).

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