Conception O'Higgins

The villainous Conception O'Higgins

Conception O'Higgins (Faith Domergue; 1924-1999) is the main villainess from "The Case of the Guilty Clients," the fourth season finale of Perry Mason (airdate June 10, 1961). She is the cousin of Lola Bronson (Lisa Gaye, who later played murderess Rita Magovern), and she was shown testifying in Lola's divorce case against estranged husband, Jeff. Conception was against Lola's marriage to Jeff, and she wanted pilot Bill Ryder (who had been pursuing Lola) to stay away from her.

Ryder was found shot to death, with the belief that either or both of the Bronsons committed the murder. At episode's end, Conception was revealed as the murderer by Perry, as she had followed Lola after her fight with Ryder. She warned Ryder to stay away from Lola, only for Ryder to mock her and laugh at her, which he did again after Conception stated that she and Lola were going back to Argentina. In a rage, Conception shot and killed Ryder, and as suggested, the evil Conception planned to frame Jeff, as she stated that she called Jeff after Lola left--and claimed that Jeff told her to "leave Ryder to me." Conception confessed to the murder just as she and Lola were about to leave, and she was arrested.

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