The villainous Colonel Tia Karim

Colonel Tia Karim (Laila Rouass) was the main villainess from "Death of the Doctor," a two-part episode from Season Four of The Sarah Jane Adventures. (airdates 25 and 26 October 2010).

Part 1[edit | edit source]

Tia Karim was a high ranking UNIT officer, and in Part 1 of the episode, Karim informed Sarah Jane that The Doctor had passed on. She stated that the Shansheeth (a vulture-like race) discovered the Doctor's body and brought it to Earth for a proper ceremony at Base 5 underneath Snowdon, where Sarah Jane attends with Rani and Clyde, despite being suspicious of the claim. Part 1 ended with the Shansheeth being revealed as participating in a sinister plan to capture Sarah Jane and Jo Jones (another of the Doctor's companions), and take their memories.

Part 2[edit | edit source]

Karim revealed as a villainess in Part 2

In the beginning of Part 2, Karim turned heel when she was revealed to be in league with the Shansheeth; with Clyde, Rani, and Santiago (Jo's grandson) learning Karim's villainous ruse while they were in the air vents. Following her villainous reveal, the evil Karim locked the trio in the vents and turned up the heat, with (possible) intent on killing them. Karim later had Sarah Jane and Jo captured and placed on the Memory Weave, where she details her and the Shansheeth's evil plans. They planned to recreate the TARDIS key by using Sarah Jane and Jo's memories, so they can use the TARDIS to prevent death all over the universe, doing so by interfering with timelines. As for Karim, she wanted to leave Earth in the TARDIS, stating that there's nothing left for her. The villainess and her cohorts where thwarted when The Doctor appeared with the trio and told Sarah Jane and Jo to regain their memories, which led to the Weave exploding and killing the villains.

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