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A female client enjoys the show with a drink

Clients of the Elite Hunting Club are villains from the Hostel series of movies. They are made up of rich sadists who hire the Elite Hunting Club to kidnap innocent victims so the client can have the pleasure of torturing them to death. It is also possible for clients to watch the torture as a show and even bet on aspects of it too. The club's clients are mostly male but throughout the series there have also been a few female clients.

In the third movie the Elite Hunting Club are based in Las Vegas and not only have clients committing the kills, but also ones who are watching the torture from behind a glass window and betting on aspects of it. Clients can bet on how long it takes for the victim to die, if they will beg that they have a family, makes threats, offer bribes as well as others things.

There are a small number of female clients in the room watching the show and making bets. They can be seen smiling and cheering for the violence as well as applauding when the victim is dead.

There is also one female client dressed in a leather suit and mask who tortures and kills a victim. She uses a crossbow and fires multiple arrows into non lethal areas of her victim so that he suffers, before finally shooting him in the head to finish him off.