Cleopatra 1 - Freaks

Cleopatra (Olga Vladimirovna Baklanova) is the primary antagonist of the 1932 horror film "Freaks".

Cleopatra is a trapeze artist at circus which employs many people who have unique deformities. One of these people, a dwarf named Hans, becomes captivated with Cleopatra's beauty. The woman uses this to her advantage and begins to ask him for loans of money. Meanwhile, the circus's strongman, Hercules, has also been using a relationship with the seal trainer, Venus, to cheat her out of her money. Noticing each other to be kindred spirits, Cleopatra and Hercules begin having a secret relationship with each other. When one of the circus performers - who had her own crush on Hercules - catches them making out, Hercules chases after her, punches her face and knocks her unconscious. This is the first glimpse of how Cleopatra feels about deformed people as she laughs boisterously immediately after the punch.

Meanwhile, Hans's wife, Frieda, has become increasingly upset with how Cleopatra has been flirting with her man. Frieda finally confronts the villainess about this, saying that she is only after Hans for the enormous fortune he inherited. Ironically, Cleopatra, in fact, had no idea about this and begins to think. She tells Hercules that the vitality of a "midget" is not strong, and that he could easily succumb to an illness. With this knowledge, she decides to marry him.

Cleopatra begins to poison Hans as early as the wedding reception by spiking his wine. However, she ultimately becomes to drunk herself, and when the deformed circus performers warmly begin to welcome her into their collective, she blurts out how she truly feels about all of them. She even goes as far as to call her new husband a baby, and subjects him to the humiliation of carrying him around on her shoulders to play "horsey-back ride".


Later on, realizing how much her inebriation has muddled her plans, she fake apologizes to Hans, saying that it was all a joke. Nevertheless, she continues to poison him by slipping the toxin into the medicine which is supposed to be making him well. His circus comrades are no fools, however, and quickly catch onto what is happening. Waiting for a stormy night, they firsh ambush and kill Hercules, and then go after the villainess. At the climax of the film, we see that Cleopatra's hands have been melted and deformed to look like duck feet, her legs have been cut off and what is left of her torso has been permanently tarred and feathered, leaving her as a senseless "human chicken" for spectators to gawk at.

Cleopatra 2 - Freaks

Laughing as the man with super strength punches out one of the deformed performers.

Cleopatra 5 - Freaks

Laughing in Frieda's face at the idea that she would marry a dwarf (moments before she learns of the fortune).

Cleopatra 4 - Freaks

The "harmless joke" she plays on her new husband.

Cleopatra 6 - Freaks

Her expression upon realizing how easy it would be to marry and kill Hans.

Cleopatra 8 - Freaks

Poisoning the medicine.

Cleopatra 7 - Freaks

Justice finally served.

Cleopatra 9 - Freaks

Illustration from the movie poster.

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