Cleo Taurus

Cleo Taurus is the villainess from "In The Line of Booty", a Season 3 episode of the comedy series "Son of the Beach". She was portrayed by Stacy Francis.


Cleo Taurus is the girlfriend of Larry "Biggy" Little; rapper, founder of Cavity Search Records, & leader of the Eastside Rappers. The two (& the rappers) were at the beach to attend Notch Johnson's peace summit w/the Westside Rappers, led by Biggy's rival Busta Hyman(w/his girlfriend Jamaica). Later, when Biggy & Cleo confront Busta & Jamaica, a catfight is about to breakout between the women when masked gunmen on jetskis shoot up the beach, w/Biggy being hit in the crotch & Cleo immediately blaming Busta and frantically vowing revenge. Later, after Biggy is declared dead(complete w/comedic failure in taking his body away), Cleo puts an Eastside member up to kiling Busta in revenge, while also revealing that Busta was once signed to Cavity Search.

After Busta is found in hiding w/Jamaica & taken into custody as the prime suspect, he is shot & killed, in a parody of Ruby killing Oswald. A vengeful Jamaica then has a face-to-face w/Cleo who, given their new positions as the leaders of the Eastside & Westside respectively, proposes that they do business together. Jamaica rejects it w/a slap that is returned. Jamaica then challenges Cleo to settle things at midnight, on the playground &, as Cleo put it, "next to the horsies w/the little springy things under them". Cleo then accepts.

At midnight, both crews arrive via hip hop, Westside Story-like dance numbers (w/Notch's own number humorously peppered in). Just as the confrontation was to start, Kimberlee (who had been looking into the murders) interjected She broke the news that Cleo was behind it all, having Biggy killed in order to increase his record sales & having Busta killed for the same, as he was a former artist on the label. Uon hearing this, Cleo reacts by firing a shpt intended for Kimberlee, who is then comically saved by Notch who is saved by B.J. who is saved by her boyfriend Father Jason, eho tskes the shot but is sved by his medallion. Cleo is then quickly apprehended by Chip.


  • "Busta Hyman, you did this to my man. Now I'm gonna get you & all your mother-effin' Westsiders!"
  • "I want him dead, you hear me? Deader than MC Hammer's career."


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