Clavell is an evil babe from the 1984 episode The Dog Who Knew Too Much  (S05 E15) of the series Hart to Hart. She is played by Mary Woronov.

Note: Mary Woronov also played Dr. Fletcher (Hellhole)

Clavell is a henchwoman for Damian Troy (James Luisi). The badguys are after a secret formula. She and her partner Grayson (Dick Anthony Williams) killed the inventor but he hid the formula on a dog who is now at the Harts. Clavell fights the Harts 4 times in the episode and loses each time. First at the house of the Harts, Jennifer (Stefanie Powers) pushes her down. Later at a hump yard Jonathan (Robert Wagner) pushes her into her partner. At he last scene at a playground, Jonathan attacks her from behind, takes her weapon and pushes her to the ground. Troy interferes with his gun but gets attacked by a dog. Clavell who wants to get the gun goes into a catfight with Jennifer who wins. Then the police arrives and takes Clavell away. Must be really humiliating for the tought and mean appearing Clavell that she gets beaten that often.


  • Mary Woronov appeared as Dr. Fletcher in the 1985 film "Hellhole".


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