Clavell is an evil babe from the 1984 episode The Dog Who Knew Too Much  (S05 E15) of the series Hart to Hart. She is played by Mary Woronov.

Clavell is a henchwoman for Damian Troy (James Luisi). The badguys are after a secret formula. She and her partner Grayson (Dick Anthony Williams) killed the inventor but he hid the formula on a dog who is now at the Harts. Clavell fights the Harts 4 times in the episode and loses each time. First at the house of the Harts, Jennifer (Stefanie Powers) pushes her down. Later at a hump yard Jonathan (Robert Wagner) pushes her into her partner. At he last scene at a playground, Jonathan attacks her from behind, takes her weapon and pushes her to the ground. Troy interferes with his gun but gets attacked by a dog. Clavell who wants to get the gun goes into a catfight with Jennifer who wins. Then the police arrives and takes Clavell away. Must be really humiliating for the tought and mean appearing Clavell that she gets beaten that often.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mary Woronov appeared as Principal Evelyn Togar in the 1979 comedy film Rock 'n' Roll High School.
  • Mary Woronov appeared as Mary Bland in the 1982 black comedy film "Eating Raoul".
  • Mary Woronov appeared as Dr. Fletcher in the 1985 film "Hellhole".

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