Claudia Scott

Villainous smuggler Claudia Scott

Claudia Scott (Susan Lynch) is a villainess from "Moving Target," episode 8.05 of New Tricks (airdate 1 August 2011). She is the owner of Deqo, which imports furniture and artistic objects.

Claudia was encountered by Brian Lane and Jack Halford regarding Darren Gerson, who worked for her as a courier. In May 2006, Darren was the victim of a hit-and-run, which Darren survived but lost an immense amount of his memory, and UCOS was on the case under the request of Darren's sister, psychiatrist Samantha Gerson. Regarding Claudia, she stated that she usually receives items from France and the US, and added that she had recently had a delivery from Morocco.

Darren recalled that he had a package on the day he was run down, but he had no memory of what was inside. This led UCOS to suspect that Claudia's business was a front for drug smuggling, but it was ultimately revealed that she was actually smuggling blood diamonds from the Ivory Coast. The villainess colluded with interior designer Peter Collins and another courier, Alan Rendell, in the scheme, with Darren taking the courier job at that time as well. It was also revealed that Claudia was having an affair with Darren, who was already in a relationship with Nina Ward, and regarding Darren's role, he took the job to fund his group, Gridlock Society, which was an anarchistic group who was committed to ridding London of cars, and he had been planning to bomb the cars before the hit-and-run.

After Darren was murdered in the episode, the evil Claudia left her place of business and went to her safe deposit box, where a collection of diamonds were stored. At that moment, Jack arrived with DSI Sandra Pullman, leading to a confrontation that had Claudia realizing that Darren was deceased. After demanding immunity, Claudia revealed that Rendell was not only Darren's killer, he was the one who ran Darren down five years prior. Rendell committed the hit-and-run knowing that Claudia was going to cut him out, and after Darren recalled that he had diamonds in the package, Claudia phoned Rendell, adding in her confession that she did so stupidly due to Rendell's deranged personality. Rendell stabbed Darren 15 times after the phone call, and during her admission, Claudia feared that she would be next. It can be assumed that Claudia was arrested (off-screen) for her smuggling operation.

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