Claudia Sanders

The psychotic Claudia Sanders

Claudia Sanders (Meredith Monroe) is a villainess from "Under the Influence," episode 3.03 of CSI: Miami (airdate October 4, 2004). She is a co-worker and one-time lover of Jay Seaver.

However, after a pair of dates, Claudia began obsessively stalking Jay, leading to Jay filing a temporary restraining order against him. In a twist, Jay murdered Martin Perlman out of anger over Martin outbidding Jay for a new condo (by one dollar). He used a box cutter to stab Martin to death, and after the murder, Claudia appeared, as she followed him to the condo. The delusional Claudia told Jay to leave, stating that she would clean up for him, showing her devotion to Jay--who ended up owning the condo.

Claudia continued her demented devotion to Jay by killing those she deemed a threat to him. In the events of the episode, she murdered Jay's co-worker, Patrick Wakefield, under the belief that he was undercutting Jay for a promotion. The villainess committed the murder by shoving Patrick down an elevator shaft, and then set her sights on Jay's girlfriend, Katrina Hannigan, Clauda later learned that Katrina was pregnant with Jay's child, and as shown in the beginning of the episode, the evil Claudia pushed Katrina in front of an oncoming bus, which struck and killed Katrina and her unborn child.

Material from Claudia's blouse revealed her as the killer, as they were found on Patrick's hands. Claudia was interrogated by Horatio Caine, and she confessed to killing Patrick, who she accused of betraying Jay. Before she could be tied to Katrina's murder, Claudia demanded her lawyer--who was supplied to her by Jay. Video evidence later revealed that Claudia did kill Katrina, and Jay had used Claudia's deranged devotion to him to eliminate people who were a "threat" to him. Claudia was arrested (off-screen) for the murders, as well as for her role in covering up Martin's murder.

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