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The crafty Claudia

Claudia Harper (Adrienne Larussa) is the female antagonist in the Season 4 Charlie's Angels episode Angels at the Altar.

Claudia and her lover Scott and his business partner Burt are planning to kill Scott's fiance Sharon shortly after Scott marries her to inherit her money.  The three are faking staged attempts to kill Scott to make it look like he is the target, Claudia is Sharon's cousin. Kelly is the Maid of Honor at the wedding so the Angels get involved after Kelly is almost run down by a car in one of the staged attempts on Scott's life.

Claudia is first seen at the airport arriving to be one of Sharon's bridesmaids at the wedding. Scott picks her up and they discuss how the scheme is progressing. Scott tells her that attempt number 4 is about to happen.

Once at Sharon's house Claudia discusses old times with Sharon and meets Kelly.  During this meeting Scott phones and complains of being sick and fakes passing out on the phone. It is later found out he had food poisoning. Kelly is getting suspicious of what is going on.

Kris has been snooping around out of town (in Aspen) and found out that Claudia was involved with Scott. Later, Kelly and Bosley (posing as a waiter) follow Claudia into the woods and see Claudia and Scott kissing the night before the wedding. Kelly confronts Claudia on Wedding day and Claudia admits she still cares for Scott but he turned her down. Kelly is confused by her answer.

Kelly, Bosley, Tiffany (as a violinist) and Kris (who just showed up as a maid) are talking about the case on the deck of the house and are spotted by Claudia and Burt. Claudia is worried they are on to their plan. She leaves to join the bridal party.

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Claudia caught by Tiffany

During the ceremony Kris goes into the house to look aound and see if she can find any evidence in the house. After playing the violin for the procession Tiffany goes into the house to join Kris. Claudia notices Tiffany is missing and goes to see what she is doing in the house.  Kris is searching Burt's room and has found a rifle in his suit case. Unfortunately for Kris Claudia heads to check Burt's room first.  Claudia surprises Kris by throwing a blanket over her head.  Kris struggles in vain to break free but is over powered by Claudia and locked in a closet.  Tiffany hears the struggle. She looks out the door and sees Claudia rushing back to the wedding. Tiffany goes to get Kris out of the closet. They figure out the plan and rush to stop the wedding.

Claudia is back with the other bridesmaids but Kelly notices she was gone. Kris and Tiffany stop the wedding and explain what the villans plot was. A struggle ensues. Claudia is next seen being held at gunpoint by Tiffany. Claudia  has been caught.


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