Evil hitwoman Claudia (aka Alexa)

Claudia aka Alexa (Allison McAtee) is the villainess of "Hit Me Baby", episode 2.16 of Life (airdate February 25, 2009). She was a professional hitwoman who had three (known) California victims under her belt: a gun company whistle blower in Fresno, a DEA informant in Oakland, and a labor leader in Indio. She was widely known for utilizing common household items in her murders, which make her difficult to track down.

Her latest victim in the episode was financial adviser Jerome Rafts, who had a lengthy habit for prostitutes. Claudia utilized Jerome's habit by posing as a prostitute named Alexa, while also playing on Jerome's interest in pigeon keeping. After her initial attempt to kill Jerome by electrocuting him in the bathtub failed, Claudia gave Jerome wine poisoned with antifreeze before impaling him through the wall with a broken broom handle.

Detective Charlie Crews and officer Robert Stark used one of Jerome's pigeons to track down Claudia, finding her as she was sweeping off the front porch of her house. When questioned, Claudia denied being Alexa and claimed to be a personal chef. Later on, Charlie talked with Claudia alone in her house as she was cooking, seducing her and noticing scratch marks on the back of her neck. These were later proven to be a result of Claudia being scratched by one of Jerome's pigeons, with her skin being found on a pigeon's claws proving her guilt.

Robert arrived at Claudia's house to arrest her, with Claudia putting a poisoned pill in her mouth as Robert tried to calm her down. But as Robert tried to get her to spit the poison out, the evil Claudia spit the pill into Robert's mouth, boasting to him as the poison took effect. But just as Claudia prepared to impale a broken broom handle into Robert, she heard Charlie arrive outside and fled the scene. But she eventually caught by Charlie when her car broke down, the detective having poured diet soda into her engine in anticipation of her attempted escape. Claudia was arrested, and it was later discovered that Jerome was a hitman and that Claudia had killed him to eliminate competition.

Trivia Edit

  • Allison McAtee later appeared in the Lifetime film The Wrong House as the evil Kathleen Strickland.


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