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Claudia (Cory Everson) is a seconday villainess in the 1995 action film "Ballistic". 

Claudia is the muscular henchwoman of the villain Brandon.

In one scene she beats up a man, throws him around the room, lifts him in the air like some dumbbells and then breaks his neck.

Later she fights the heroine Jesse (Marjean Holden). She was winning and presented the heroine to her boss, waiting for his signal to break the heroine's neck. The boss was enjoying the fight and signaled that it should go on. Claudia relaxed her grip, allowing the heroine to push her arm out of the way and turn the tables. Before the muscular henchwoman could react, the heroine got her in a lethal hold and snapped her neck. During the catfight she wears a very fetching red Lycra leotard.

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Claudia scenes in Ballistic

Claudia scenes in Ballistic

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