Cirae-Argoth is the antagonist of the 1996 video game Witchaven II: Blood Vengeance. She is an evil witch and sister of Illwhyrin from the first game.

According to the game manual, "One of the most powerful of the Nether-Reaches Order of Witches. A master of death magic, she in able to raise the dead, channel the forces of fire, and summon minions at will. Illwhyrin's sister is very volatile and will stop at nothing to destroy her most hated foe, who murdered her sister. She will not be happy until she punishes you for the crimes you committed and bestow the hatred of her world upon you. Cirae-Argoth's death signifies the end of the game."

Witchaven 2- Blood Vengeance - Defeating the Witch

Witchaven 2- Blood Vengeance - Defeating the Witch

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