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Cindy (Karen Lynn Scott) is a minor assassin in the 1986 episode "Miss of the Spider Woman" for the TV series "Sledge Hammer!".

Cindy is hired as an assassin by Gomez, the henchman for Juanita (Eileen Barnett).  She is hired to kill Juanita's ex-lover by slipping him a dose of rare and potent cobra venom.

Cindy is shown in the apartment of Sledge Hammer uninvited when he arrives home from work.  She tries to convince him that her car broke down and she entered his apartment to make a phone call.  Sledge does not believe her, but allows her to make a phone call.  While Sledge is putting away his groceries, she slips the cobra venom in his open milk carton.  When Sledge drinks the milk, he immediately drops to his knees.  Before he passes out, Sledge notices a turtle tattoo on her wrist.

When Sledge wakes up, he only has a few hours to live unless he can locate the antidote.  He and his partner Dori find Cindy performing as a featured mud wrestler at a famous night spot.  Both Sledge and Dori are able to control Cindy, but only after they enter the ring and partake in the fight.  

Cindy explains that she was hired to go to Room 13.  However, Sledge was in Room 12, to which Cindy explains that she is far sighted and was not wearing her glasses.

This is the last we see of Cindy.  No mention to whether she was apprehended or let go.


  • Karen Lynn Scott appeared as one of four Schembechler Girls in the 1987 pilot episode of the TV series "Rags to Riches".
  • Karen Lynn Scott appeared as Wanda Lynn Mahoney in the 1988 episode "Bubba's Double Date" for the TV series "Mama's Family".
  • Karen Lynn Scott appeared as the evil genie Malevola in the 1988 episode "Bride and Prejudice" for the TV series "You Wish".


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